Buick, GMC Cars from Car Dealerships Now Connected with Mobile Apps

Most cars come with their own infotainment systems, with features like GPS and music players that enhance a driver’s experience. Apple and Google have also rolled out apps like CarPlay and Android Auto that make it possible for a car’s infotainment system to act as a mobile phone.


Only recently, it was announced that Chevrolet and Cadillac were among the vehicles supporting these two apps for their newer models. Not to be ignored, though, are Buick and GMC cars available from car dealerships, as their newer models will also be supporting both CarPlay and Android Auto.

CarPlay: Apple’s Infotainment System

Both CarPlay and Android Auto will be supported by 2016 Buick and GMC models, but CarPlay will arrive first with Buick’s Regal and LaCross and GMC’s Sierra, Canyon, and Yukon. Aside from seven- to eight-inch IntelliLink infotainment touch screens, these models will also be equipped with CarPlay functionality, allowing drivers to access their apps directly via these displays.

Now, drivers can use phone functions and send text messages through their infotainment systems, along with access to Apple Maps, podcast apps, iOS music, and other third-party music apps like iHeartRadio and Spotify. They can also access various other functions with the use of their vehicle’s onboard voice-command system in controlling Apple’s Siri digital assistant.

Android Auto: Google’s Infotainment System

Available among select Sierra models before rolling out to other 2016 Buick and GMC models, Android Auto will allow drivers to override their car’s infotainment systems with Google’s own interface. Like Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto offers functions like text messaging and voice commands, along with music-playing capabilities and the availability of certain smartphone apps, all of which can be accessed through the touch screen.

The car’s infotainment system will appear as a smartphone interface when your device is plugged to a USB port or paired through Bluetooth. Android Auto can also track your driving habits, offering route suggestions for your particular destination even before you drive off.

Phone and Vehicles Together

Duncan Aldred, GMC Vice President of Sales and Marketing, was ecstatic about these new features. “GMC IntelliLink is taking another step forward with this simple and intuitive functionality that makes phones and vehicles work better together,” he said.

Using either system is simple enough, and can be of great help for drivers of Buick and GMC cars. These features are definitely something to watch out for in future makes, which will soon be made available from new and used car dealerships like Vestal Buick GMC in Greensboro, NC.


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