Complete Your Checklist: How to Properly Test-Drive a Cars for Sale

Test-driving cars from dealerships, such as Vestal Buick GMC, is one of the most important steps before signing the sale contract. During the test drive, it is important to carefully inspect and assess car performance in order to avoid inconveniences later on. Test-driving is not as easy as taking the car for a spin around the dealership. There are steps that must be done to ensure that the car you’re planning on buying is in great shape. This checklist will help you:

Properly Test-Drive


Before test-driving the car, you should carefully inspect it first. Make sure that all doors and windows close properly. Note any scratching noises when you open or close the power windows. Next, you should carefully pull on the seatbelts to check if they are working, and check if the seats recline smoothly.


Make sure that starting the car is smooth. Wait for a few minutes and be alert for any weird smells. Turn on the stereo and air-conditioning to see if they are both working properly. If there are no notable problems with the stereo, you can turn it off. It is important that the stereo remains off during your test-drive or you might miss the small sounds that your car makes. After start-up, step out of the vehicle and walk around it while listening to any weird sounds and examining the exhaust emission. Lastly, you should check if the headlights, fog lights, and signals are all working properly.


When test-driving, also test the gear shifts: automatic cars should have a smooth transmission, while manual drives should have a gearshift that moves fluidly. As you shift gears, observe if there are any vibrations or rattles when driving down a straight road. Inspect how well the car turns, and if there are any noticeable blind spots from the driver’s seat. Last, but definitely not the least, try the brakes several times. From a normal speed, carefully step on the brake, and see if the car slows down effortlessly, then try braking hard from a speed of 40 miles/hour. This will give you an idea if the car can safely absorb impact in case of an emergency brake.

If everything goes well, you can drive back to your chosen dealership near Greensboro, NC and be ready to make your purchase. With a proper test-drive, you can determine if your chosen car is really the best choice among the many cars for sale in the lot.


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