Technology – Making Life Easy or Hard?

By: Anthony Vestal

We look to technology to solve our problems  but along with the solution; at times, there seems to come more problems. Police are asking for the public to be on guard regarding these thefts but how are you going to be on guard against someone who doesn’t look suspicious? The solution seems to be, according to the police, lock your doors at the car manually without using the key fob. Whenever you send a signal to lock your car that signal is broadcast publicly.  Anyone with the technical know how can grab the signal duplicate it and they have access to your valuables.  It is interesting to note that many universities are studying different methods of hacking similar to what must be used in these thefts.

The vehicles targeted are GMC SUV’s with a model year between 2003 and 2009. Three new car thefts at the University Park Mall are following a similar pattern to the ones from December. “Someone is using some kind of technology to intercept the signal New technology likely the cause of car thefts at University Park Mall

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