Why Buying Used Cars for Sale Will Benefit You More in the Long Run

A lot of people have the wrong idea that used cars for sale are automatically inferior in quality than brand-new cars, which is actually a pretty funny thought since you are basically buying the same car model, only at a later date. Here are some of the misconceptions that surround used car purchases, and why buying one is actually a smart option:

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Used cars are not “cheap” because they have bad quality; they’re cheap because car value depreciates very quickly. In fact, it is estimated that a new car’s value could go down by as much as 40% on the first year alone. In other words, you could get a 40% discount on that new car you’re eyeing if you just wait for one year to pass.


You may think that used cars are inconvenient and would need frequent repairs, but here’s the truth. ALL cars need repairs and replacements. Air filters need to be replaced every year, windshield wipers every six months, and so on. New cars and used cars both need regular maintenance and repair – there is no getting out of that duty. What makes used cars even better is that you could often ask for the car’s repair records. This will give you an idea of which parts were being repaired or replaced more often than others, thus allowing you to schedule your repairs and manage your budget better.


Another great thing about used cars is that you can read reviews on how the car performs in the long run, because admit it, a short test-drive isn’t enough to paint the big picture. This will give you an idea of how the car stands in harsh weather, off-road driving, and extremely long cross-country trips. From the reviews alone, you can immediately determine which cars are good investments and which are rip-offs.


Some used cars have upgraded features that are not present in the factory releases; perhaps the previous owner wanted a sunroof or better security measures. The best thing is you still get these features at a much lower price than when you have them installed as an aftersales addition to a brand-new car.


Insurance rates for used cars are also lower. With a properly maintained car and a good insurance, any used car can go toe-to-toe with a brand new one. The only difference is you’re paying less.

Some people may say that buying used cars for sale around Greensboro, NC, from dealerships like Vestal Buick GMC, is a risky decision, but it’s actually the opposite most of the time. Looking up used cars can tell you immediately what to expect, how they would perform, and how often repairs should be done—all for a lower price.


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